About Ian Date

Ian Date was born in Northern New South Wales Australia. He started working professionally at the age of 14 in local bands. After several years he moved to Sydney where he carved out a successful Jazz career.

Ian has played all over the world, has made numerous, television radio, festival and concert hall performances and is regarded as one of Australia’s great guitar players.

Ian is equally at home on the acoustic as he is with the electric instrument. Critics have described his playing as masterful, lyrical and always melodic.

Ian's playing has been informed and influenced by a strong love of the jazz tradition. Such guitar greats such as Django Reinhardt, Barney Kessell and Wes Montgomery have inspired his playing.

Ian first started playing gypsy jazz as a teenager and ran several successful “Hot Club” style bands in Australia. He recorded several albums in this style and toured extensively.

In 1990 he lived for a year in Holland where he met and played with some of the great gypsy jazz musicians.

Since 2002 he has lived in County Cork, Ireland. Ian performs regularly throughout the Emerald Isle and Europe and tours in Australia every year to continue making a contribution to Australian Jazz.